Questions To Ask Your Insurance Company About Neurofeedback Coverage

Do you cover biofeedback?
If yes, is it under Medical or Psychological Services?

Will you cover biofeedback for (your symptom)?

What rate do you pay?
(e.g. 80% of usual and customary vs. 80% of billed amount)

If it is covered under Medical Services, do I need a prescription or letter from my MD to say it is medically necessary?
Do I need to send the letter before I see the biofeedback therapist or can it go in with the first bill?

How many sessions of biofeedback will you cover?
Per year?
Before I see the doctor again?

Is there a limit of total amount paid out?
(e.g., pay for biofeedback only to $1500 in one year or 6 months)

Do you pay an out-of-network provider?
If so, do I need to see my primary care physician to make a referral to a biofeedback provider?

What is the licensing requirement of the provider?

Would it be helpful to have the biofeedback code?
If so, it is 90901 (biofeedback)