About Us

We partner with you to retrain your brain

The Balanced Mind seeks to help individuals from all backgrounds live their best life by learning how to calm the central nervous system and better control their mind.

Gretchen Schell, founder of The Balanced Mind, is passionate about helping people improve their quality of life and enhance their personal and professional performance. She was first introduced to neurofeedback in 2014 and opened The Balanced Mind in 2016. Through her years of working in this field, she has seen remarkable changes in her friends, family, and clients who have used neurofeedback to improve how their brain functions.

Gretchen earned her Master of Science degree in psychology and has a Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Specialist certificate from the state of Oklahoma. She completed her neurofeedback clinical training through the EEG Institute and is certified in the Othmer Method. She holds additional certifications from Dale Carnegie, Infinite Possibilities, and Quantum Success Coaching Academy. 

How it works:

Track your symptoms & assess the brain

Retrain the brain & calm your central nervous system

Create new neuropathways & live your best life

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