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Improve Workplace Wellness

The Balanced Mind partners with you to bring wellness to your workplace through the power of neurofeedback.

What is Neurofeedback?

Our brains are responsible for our thoughts, movements, senses, and memory. The brain, spinal cord, and nerve cells together create the central nervous system, which receives information from the body and determines how to respond. All sorts of things in life can impact the messages that our brain sends to our body and create both physical and emotional obstacles.

Neurofeedback is a journey. It’s not a cure, and it’s not a quick fix. We partner with you to help you learn how to calm the central nervous system and better control how your brain and body respond to things. It’s a bit like riding a bike. It takes some time to learn the skill, but once you have it mastered, it’s always there for you.

How it works:

Track your symptoms & assess the brain

Retrain the brain & calm your central nervous system

Create new neuropathways & live your best life

How it works:

Track your symptoms & assess the brain

Retrain the brain & calm your central nervous system

Create new neuropathways & live your best life

The Benefits of Corporate Wellness

By bringing The Balanced Mind to your office, you are improving your team’s overall wellness and creating a healthier workplace environment. Over the course of several sessions, you will begin to see a refreshed and productive team.

What Can You Expect?

Book Your Wellness Day

Book Your Day

Start by booking your wellness day. While we recommend 20 sessions a year for optimal results, you can choose the amount that works best for you and your team.

30 Minute Sessions

We’ll come to you! Your team will enjoy 30 minute private sessions of neurofeedback, and join us one at a time. No need to halt your whole day, though we recommend dedicating this day to wellness for your team.

Enjoy a Rejuvenated Team

After a few sessions, you will see your team more refreshed, focused and productive, living healthier lives!

Beat Burnout

Burnout is all too common in the American workplace. Most all of us experience burnout at one point or another in our careers, and it negatively impacts our overall health.

Burnout is caused by:

  • Strenuous Work Environment
  • Too High of Expectations
  • Lack of Rest or Inspiration
  • Poor Mental Health
  • Lack of Employer Involvement

Unfortunately, many bosses and team leaders fail to take action to combat these factors of burnout. When untouched, employees become disgruntled, decreasing work performance and productivity. Some employees may even leave for jobs that better tend to employee health and wellness.

Fortunately, there are more opportunities to improve your office culture than ever. By investing in neurofeedback for your team, you are creating a healthier workplace where your employees feel heard and valued.

What Other Workplaces are Saying

When I first came to see you, I was in bad shape, mentally I had no one to turn to I was all over the place. I had no mental clarity what so ever. That scared.... put me in very dark places. I tried medications and that made it worse. I didn't like it one bit. I went to see some Dr.'s trying some different avenues like gut health and thyroid things like that. Out of the blue I heard about your neurofeedback program that you offer people. A good friend of ours did it and I thought, what do I have to lose. So, I came to try it out, and to be honest I was skeptical. I had nothing to lose so I just stuck with it and what I realized that over time was the little things that would eat me alive that would get me all up in arms... I did not think about any more, and if I did immediately within seconds I was able to move on to something else. Before, I couldn't do that, it would eat and me and eat at me until I was sick... My head would hurt, my heart would start pounding and I had no idea why. Those little things that would get me going now no longer persist. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that's going through any type of anxiety and depression. This will help you get to where you see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have mental clarity again and my brain-fog is starting to lift. I'm back in my own again.
Eric VandeVenter
A few months ago, I was dealing with childhood trauma and emotional baggage that had me near suicide. On top of dealing with personal issues, I have been a nurse in ICU for thirteen years with the most recent being strictly COVID. 2020 came with a lot of pressure and it hasn’t been easy for most. I met someone who suffered from Traumatic Brain Injury and opened up about his experience with Neurofeedback so, I started researching. I called Gretchen’s office and was able to get in right away for a consultation where after discussing a range of emotions and issues I was experiencing, she hooked me for my first session. It didn’t hurt and it was super easy. Just relax and let your brain heal itself. After twenty sessions, I felt like a new person. My friends and family have all complimented me about how my outlook has changed. I’m still grieving the loss of my mother and dealing with the stress that comes with watching people suffer and die but I handle my emotions so much better. I am no longer suicidal and have learned to love myself again. I am currently working on my next twenty sessions and I look forward to sitting in that big cozy chair while watching TV. I can’t recommend The Balanced Mind enough. Gretchen is really a life-saver.
Neurofeedback Client

Book Your Corporate Wellness Day

Become “Boss of the Year” and book The Balanced Mind for your office wellness day. You’ll be rewarded with higher quality work, increased productivity, refreshed employees, and improved office culture. Neurofeedback is an incredible way to give back to your employees for their hard work, leaving them feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

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