A husband and wife walked into my office for a free consultation. Both looked as though they had the weight of the world on their shoulders. The consultation was for the wife even though you could see the stress and agitation on both.  They had been in this state for years and have gone to doctors, counselors, and tried many other therapies to no avail. They felt depleted and upset that they had to tell their story over and over to find a solution.  I assured them that all I needed to know were the symptoms and that with her symptoms of anxiety, trauma, depression, PTSD, Insomnia, and suicidal tendency. My recommendation was to come every day and to double the session.  (Most sessions are thirty minutes long). 

They decided to give neurofeedback a try. I am glad they decided to work with me towards helping her and subsequently helping her husband and family as well. I want to walk you through her journey to give you an idea of how neurofeedback works. I have attached a link to view a scientific journal regarding a case study of neurofeedback and PTSD. Below you will see edited notes (Not revealing their identity)

Top Symptoms:

anxiety, trauma, depression, and suicidal

She has tried all different medications, therapists, and homeopathic avenues that have not been able to help her. 

She came Monday through Friday with the first five sessions consisting of one session. The first five sessions she still experienced anxiety, though the symptom was diminishing in severity. The second five sessions she experienced feeling happy and without headaches or anxiety. The third set of five sessions we continued to work on core emotions and past trauma by adding alpha/theta. The sessions continued adding two sessions a day and completing at thirty sessions. She ended feeling alive, happy, sleeping well, and feeling she has control over her emotions, thoughts, and her life. Stating, “Neurofeedback saved my life.”   

This client, like many others I have been able to help live happy productive lives knowing that issues in life happen and when the issue becomes grand enough they can come in for a few sessions and get the brain back, by allowing the brain to bounce back to happiness. Below you can read a controlled trial of EEG neurofeedback.

Source: PubMed.Gov

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